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Tommy the Animator grew up on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Born in 1972,
He was influenced by some of the world’s most revered break-dancers and
graffiti artists from His Neighborhood. Tommy quickly embraced the
Hip Hop culture, diving in as a young break-dancer and then later as a
music producer/MC. In the late 1990s Tommy ran into some legal trouble
and was incarcerated. During that time Tommy’s worldview changed and,
although he previously used drawing and illustration as a way to pass
the time on “the Streets,” he began to focus on his artwork with a new
level of concentration. For Tommy drawing was also a good form of therapy
and after being released in 2002 he began to teach himself 2d/3d animation.
This advanced skill set led to the release of multiple animated shorts with
well known Rap figures in the music industry. Given His name by "Rampage" of the legendary "Flipmode Squad" set Tommy on His artistic Path. By 2015 Tommy started making waves in the art industry with His abstract paintings and unique language style. He put on numerous successful solo shows, and in 2021 Tommy's works were displayed at the Hall Art Foundation exhibit "Deep Blue" Curated by world renown artist Katherine Bradford. The year before in 2020 Tommy received a Grammy from His artistic vision on Body Count's album "Carnivore". Tommy's journey into the future is  to continue to keep challenging Himself in the way He see's reality through His artwork.

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